What makes Sensay different?

  • 9 out of 10 teachers vote most natural sounding AI voice out of all other options
  • 9 out of 10 teachers vote easiest to use out of all other options
  • Most detailed AI report available, including phoneme and syllable level
  • Rated most fun for students out of all of the others
  • No need to download or update anything, students only need a device and an active internet connection!

Let’s see how Sensay fares against similar products on the market:

Customizable exercises
Teachers can create exercises and speaking practice materials, tailored to the levels and needs of their students
Multiple exercise types
Teachers can create reading, question and answer, image, video and self practice exercises. They can even add key words that students need to say to check for comprehension.
Quick share via QR code
Teachers can easily and quickly share their exercises via a QR code. No need for students to log in to their accounts.
Different playback options for students
Students are able to click on each word to listen to how it is pronounced. They don’t have to listen to the entire sentence all over again.