How do I share Lessons & Exercises with students?

There are currently two ways to share your newly created Sensay speaking Lessons and Exercises with students.

With Student Accounts enabled:

  1. You must first “Invite Students” to a Class by entering their email address. You may also add multiple students at once by uploading a CSV file.  
  2. Students will receive an email to register for a Student Account. If they already have an existing account, then they will automatically be added to your Class. 
  3. Then, simply ask students to log into their Student Account at
  4. Once logged in, they will be able to see all assignments in the Classes that you have assigned them to and will be able to access and complete their assignments. They will also be able to listen to and view their past history of recordings and scores. To learn more about Student Accounts, please click here.

Without Student Accounts:

  1. For accounts with instant PIN / QR code / URL sharing — simply click “Share Lesson” or “Share Exercise” within the Lesson or Exercise itself. This will instantly generate a PIN, QR code and unique URL on your screen.
  2. You may share your choice of PIN, QR code, or URL in a variety of ways.
    1. Many teachers like to project the QR code for instant, easy access in-class.
    2. Other teachers like to copy and paste the QR codes / URLs into an LMS such as Google Classroom. 
    3. And still other teachers will distribute the access points via a website, email, or messaging platform to their students. The options are endless!